Diabecon Capsules (20 Capsules)

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  • regulates the release of insulin
  • improves the ability of body and liver cells to utilize insulin more effectively
  • enhances the pancreas’ ability to produce new beta cells
  • balances auto beta cells to stop the depletion of beta cells
  • balances the body’s cholesterol and blood sugar levels.
  • maintains blood pressure in order to prevent hypertension

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For those who are suffering from diabetes or high sugar problems, we’ve created Ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes naturally which is Hashmi Diabecon Capsules. At Hashmi Pharmacy, we offer these capsules for diabetes and for the secure and natural management of Diabetes condition. This top-notch diabetic treatment effectively lowers elevated blood sugar levels, enhances the immune system, and aids in preventing diabetes from developing. It eliminates the need for uncomfortable insulin injections, representing a shift in how diabetes is managed.
Diabetes, medically known as diabetes mellitus, encompasses a group of metabolic disorders characterized by elevated blood sugar levels that can lead to various complications. While numerous treatments for diabetes exist, many simply seek to manage the condition by suppressing it with synthetic insulin. Hence, we’ve created this ayurvedic medicine for Diabetes unique and effective sugar treatment, suitable for individuals of all ages, which enhances the body’s natural ability to address the challenges posed by diabetes.


How actually Hashmi Diabecon Capsules work?

Treating diabetes naturally is possible with Hashmi Diabecon Capsules. How this herbal medicine, made of leaves and herbs, can successfully address the complexity of a body part where even synthetic medications often fall short is a frequently asked issue. The simple solution is that nature’s power is superior to all other sources. The core idea behind this treatment is to strengthen the body’s innate ability so that it can deal with the problem naturally without the aid of outside chemicals. The body gets more capable and resilient as its resistance increases.
The road taken by Ayurvedic diabetic treatments is comparable to natural remedies, although they are different. Hashmi’s all-natural diabetes treatment is painstakingly created without the use of chemicals, after extensive study and diagnosis to determine its efficacy and outcomes.
So don’t worry about your Sugar levels after utilizing Diabecon medicine. You just regain control of your blood sugar levels and embark on a path to better health with Hashmi Diabecon Capsules, a natural and comprehensive solution designed to support balanced blood glucose levels. Crafted with care and backed by years of research, these capsules offer a natural way to promote your well-being while managing diabetes effectively.


Benefits of using Diabecon:

  • Hashmi Diabecon Capsules are meticulously formulated to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promoting overall metabolic wellness.
  • These are the top tablets for sugar that support the health and function of the pancreas, aiding in insulin production and release.
  • Experience a reduction in sugar cravings and improved control over your dietary choices.
  • Maintain your energy levels and vitality throughout the day by supporting stable blood sugar levels.
  • Made with a unique blend of natural herbs and extracts, these capsules are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and trusted option for diabetes management.



Asphaltum-10.00mg, Gymnemasylvestre R.Br.-30.00mg, Momordicacharantia linn-30.00mg, Meliaazadirachta linn-50.00mg, Yashad bhasma-30.00mg, Tinospora cordifolia-20.00mg, Trigonella foenum-graecum-45.00mg, Syzygium cumini-45.00mg, PterocarpusmarsupiumEmblica officinalis-10.00mg, Curcuma longa-10.00mg, Nigella sativa-10.00mg, Ocimum sanctum-10.00mg, Petrocarpus marsupium-10.00mg,

Directions for Use:

After breakfast in the morning, take one capsule, and after having dinner in the evening, take the other. It is advised to first speak with our professionals to learn about the suggested diet and medication dose. The typical course lasts two to three months.