Stonil Capsules (20 Capsules)

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The benefits of Stonil Capsule

  • eliminates kidney stones by dissolving them.
  • reduces the pain that stones cause.
  • sanitizes and treats the kidney
  • protects the urinary system against infection
  • prevents the recurrence of stone formation
  • enhances and controls the kidney’s functioning.

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For those looking for long-lasting and Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney stones and the suffering they cause, Hashmi Stonil Capsules have been carefully designed. These Capsules have been created by specialists in natural methods to have a long-lasting good effect on kidney functionality while decreasing the possibility of stone formation in the future. This accomplishment is made possible by the use of strong and advantageous natural herbs.

The severe pain and inconvenience kidney stones create are all too known to everyone who has already experienced them. Intense pain frequently saps the body’s energy, leaving one longing for a little moment of reprieve. It’s not simply the pain; if the stone obstructs the urinary tract and prevents urination, the situation may occasionally worsen and become more problematic. We have created the most beneficial and ideal solution—Ayurvedic Kidney Stone Medicine—because we are aware of how sensitive and complicated this problem is.

Experience relief from the discomfort and pain of kidney stones with Hashmi Stonil Capsules, a natural and comprehensive solution designed to support kidney health and stone dissolution. Crafted with care and backed by extensive research, these capsules offer a natural way to alleviate the symptoms associated with kidney stones.


Benefits of Stonil:

  • Hashmi Stonil Capsules are specially formulated to help dissolve kidney stones and ease the pain and discomfort associated with them.
  • These capsules support overall kidney health and function, promoting the efficient removal of waste and toxins from the body.
  • Stonil Capsules contain natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that help reduce inflammation and swelling caused by kidney stones.
  • Experience relief from the intense pain often associated with kidney stones, allowing you to regain your comfort and well-being.
  • Made with a unique blend of natural herbs and extracts, these capsules are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and trusted option for kidney stone relief.


Gokhru-150mg, Slifada120mg, Makka-75mg, Khus-75mg, kalonji-25mg, Dhaniya-25mg, Sehdehi-25mg

Directions for Use:

Take two capsules daily. Take one in the early morning and another at night. For better outcomes, it is advised that you kindly get in touch with our doctors to receive a thorough and individualized prescription.