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Terms and condition

Terms and condition


Products which are damaged/defective or completely demolished (if any) will only be accepted for returns or refunds.

If a buyer wants to exchange or return a product then the customer should contact hashmimart.com within 48 hours of working days of the product received by the buyer.

And only items that are received by Hashmimart.com within 10 working days of the date of delivery will be eligible for return policies.

It is the right of hashmimart.com to check whether the returned product or the request of exchange for a product is actually defected or damaged and based on that verification, item will either replace or reship to the customer by hashmimart.com

Missing serial numbers of product or tempered products will not accepted by hashmimart.com.

And one more thing, if we found that the product is damaged after opening or use then we will responsible for that.

The shipment charges will must paid by the customer of reshipped or replace product.

If the product supply is unavailable for whatever reason, a refund request will be made, and the purchaser will receive notification of the request through registered email.

In cases of product missing, transport damage, or dead on arrival, the customer must notify hashmimart.in within 24 hours of the delivery.


If a customer puts an order and the retailer is unable to ship the product for whatever reason (for instance unexpected shortage of stock), the order will be cancelled and the payment refunded.

The initial payment won’t be given to the credible retailer until the customer gets the item they ordered and updates their status on Hashmimart.in to “Delivered.” The order will be canceled and the user will receive a refund if the delivery fails within the allotted time.

If the user does not raise an alarm within two days after the seller lists the order as shipped and delivered from their end, the money will be sent to the seller.

The customer must notify Hashmimart.in of any missing accessories, transit damage, or cases of dead on arrival within 24 hours after delivery. 


Customers can only get a refund for items they return in accordance with the approved return policy and for which a replacement is not possible.

In cases of missing accessories, transit damage and dead on arrival the customer must inform onshoppingpoint.com within 24 hours of delivery.

Hashmimart.in may call the customer for instructions or cancel the order and confirm such cancellation if a product is listed at an incorrect price or contains inaccurate information owing to an error in pricing or product information. The customer can carry out this. In certain situations, Hashmimart.in will pay back the buyer’s charge (just for the amount previously collected).


Credit / Debit Card

The customer’s refund will be credited to the credit/debit card account given at the time of payment if a credit/debit card was used as the payment method for the order. Refunds will be processed at most four working days after the product has been received from us or one of our partners. The processing of the payment by the relevant banks and the subsequent appearance of the payment on your credit/debitcard statement, however, could take up to 7–10 business days. In the event of a delay followingHashmimart.in’s confirmation of your return, kindly get in touch with your bank immediately.

Cash on Delivery

Hashmimart.in will issue a check in the name of the “billing name” specified when the order was placed if it was paid for with cash on delivery. This process should only take 14 days to complete.