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Hashmi Baby (20 Capsule)

Hashmi Baby (20 Capsule)

Original price was: ₹ 1,780.00.Current price is: ₹ 1,398.00.

Benefits of Baby Capsules (60):-

  • improves sperm movement
  • make sperm stronger and healthier
  • balances the hormones in men
  • increases sperm count and semen volume
  • treats sperm abnormalities

Original price was: ₹ 1,780.00.Current price is: ₹ 1,398.00.

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Hashmi Baby represents a carefully formulated herbal Top Medicine for Low Sperm Count and a mineral dietary supplement aimed at promoting men’s well-being and increasing sperm quantity. This product is entirely secure, composed solely of natural ingredients, and non-habit-forming. It stands for Hashmi Mart’s top-end endorsed product, features time-tested, specialized components that have delivered optimal results for centuries.


Who should take Hashmi Baby Capsules:

Individuals dealing with low sperm quantity can cure this with Hashmi Baby. Moreover, it enhances sexual potency, stamina, and endurance, and reduces feelings of anxiety. This ayurvedic medicine for low sperm count comprises the following medications: Brave Care Generic Capsule, an herbal remedy containing a blend of various Ayurvedic herbs such as Satawar, Brahmi Buti, Asgand Nagori, Gokhru Khurd, Beejband siah, Kalonji, and Rehan. These ingredients play a role in enhancing both the quantity and quality of sperm, bolstering the body’s immune system, and increasing vitality, strength, and sexual desire. Additionally, it elevates testosterone levels, serving as a natural vitamin for sexual well-being.
Consequently, it aids in addressing Male Infertility concerns and it is proven to be the best medicine for male infertility.


Admirable Advantages of Hashmi Baby Capsule

These Ayurvedic capsules designed for low sperm count can lead to noticeable improvements in your semen analysis within a timeframe of 3 to 4 months. They are primarily composed of natural extracts derived from essential herbs. Our Hashmi Baby product is dedicated to enhancing male libido, strengthening the male reproductive system, and addressing male infertility issues. It aids men in achieving better erections, extending ejaculation time, increasing sperm density, restoring confidence, and boosting libido. This medication starts showing its effects in just 45 days, and you can observe positive results within this period

Parenthood is a beautiful journey, and Hashmi Baby is here to accompany you on that path. Designed with care and crafted with the wisdom of nature, Hashmi Baby Capsules offer you and your partner a natural approach to enhancing fertility and increasing your chances of conceiving a precious little one.


Benefits of Baby Capsules:

  • Hashmi Baby Capsules are formulated with a blend of natural herbs that have been used for centuries to support reproductive health. This Top Medicine for Male Fertility promotes the optimal functioning of reproductive organs, increasing your chances of conception.
  • Hormonal imbalances can sometimes hinder the journey to parenthood. Hashmi Baby Capsules help balance hormones, ensuring that both partners are in the best possible condition for conception.
  • A healthy and passionate intimate life is essential for conception. These capsules enhance libido and stimulate desire, making intimacy more enjoyable and increasing the chances of conception.
  • For men, Hashmi Baby Capsules promote healthy sperm production and motility. This contributes to the overall fertility of the couple.
  • Stress can be a major obstacle when trying to conceive. These capsules contain ingredients that help reduce stress and promote a calm and positive mindset.


Satawar-10.00mg, Brahmi Buti10.00mg, Asgand Nagori-70.00mg, Gokhru Khurd-0.00mg, Beejband siah-0.00mg, Kalonji-100.00mg, Rehan-100.00mg

Directions for Use:

One Capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician.