Hashmi Spermia (20 Capsules)

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Benefits of Hashmi Spermia Capsules

  • develops more sperm Fertility
  • makes sperm stronger and healthier
  • maintain male hormone balance
  • increases the amount and quality of semen
  • beneficial for sperm abnormalities
  • increases fertility

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Spermia is a potent supplement made to cure Premature Ejaculation and the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Low Sperm Count in order to improve fertility as it is the top medicine for male infertility. MusliSiyah, Asgandnagori, and GokhruKhurdare combined in this ground-breaking composition to deliver the highest level of support for healthy sperm production and reproduction. With mighty, you may quickly begin to enjoy the advantages of having excellent reproductive health, regardless of whether your goal is to create a family or simply to increase your chances of conception.
The quality of sperm is frequently a factor in male infertility. The likelihood that you can procreate increases with healthier sperm. With the correct supplements, exercise, and a balanced diet, infertility that is related to sexual function can be cured. While you maintain a healthy lifestyle, Bold Care supports you with Progeny, the greatest supplement.


What actually sperm count is?

Sperm count, in simple terms, refers to the total quantity of sperm contained within a man’s ejaculation. To determine sperm count, a sample of ejaculate is analyzed to count the number of sperm present, and this count is then multiplied by the overall volume of the collected semen. It’s important to note that sperm and semen are distinct entities, which we will delve into further. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and publications state that there are between 15 million and 200 million healthy sperm in a milliliter of semen. A person is said to have a low sperm count if they have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter, which could lead to future fertility issues.

So now you don’t need to worry if you have taken this medicine. Now just experience the joy of parenthood with Hashmi Spermia Capsules, a natural and powerful solution designed to enhance male fertility and sperm health. Carefully formulated and backed by years of research, these capsules offer hope to couples striving to conceive and create a loving family.


Benefits of Hashmi Spermia Capsules

  • Hashmi Spermia Capsules are the Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Low Sperm Counttailored to support and improve male fertility. They promote the optimal functioning of the reproductive organs, increasing the chances of conception.
  • These capsules contribute to healthier sperm production, motility, and morphology. Improved sperm quality is vital for successful fertilization.
  • Hormonal imbalances can sometimes hinder fertility. Hashmi Spermia Capsules help balance hormones, ensuring that both partners are in the best possible condition for conception.
  • A healthy and passionate intimate life is essential for conception. These capsules enhance libido and stimulate desire, increase Sperm Count, make intimacy more enjoyable, and increase the chances of conception.
  • Designed with a blend of natural herbs, Hashmi Spermia Capsules are free from harmful chemicals, making them a safe and trusted choice for enhancing male fertility.


Musli Siyah-25mg, Brahmi Buti-25mg, Gokhru Khurd-25mg, Beejband Siah-25mg, Satawar Macca-25mg, Asgand nagori-20mg, Kalonji-20mg, Bidhari Qand-20mg, Konch-20mg, Kaddo-20mg

Directions for Use:

Take two capsules daily, one after breakfast in the morning and the other after dinner in the evening, or as recommended by your doctor.